Saturday, March 5, 2011

new to marelle

i have been a button hoarder for many years & i have decided it's time to get rid of some! so i have been busily making accessories with these vintage beauties, all pieces are one of a kind - have a look:

all of these + more are available now in my etsy shop!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

good on ya!

"marelle" raised $200!
...and a whopping $99,089 was raised collectively in the 'make it perfect' flood appeal auctions! what a top effort! ...many thanks to all participating bidders & a big THANKS to Dave & Judy Muller for making their very generous bid of $200 for the marelle MEGA-pack!  ...$100 was donated to The Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal & $100 to the RSPCA Flood Appeal

thank you!

Monday, January 24, 2011

flood relief auction

"marelle MEGA pack" up for auction!

**edit** if you want to make a bid but don't have a google account, choose "anonymous" from the drop-down menu under the comment box (and remember to leave your contact email along with your comment/bid)

i'm sure everyone is aware of the recent floods that have devastated queensland...tens of thousands of homes and businesses have been affected (probably many more), lives were lost and homes were destroyed...and no-one even knows how many wild and domestic animals or livestock were lost.

it is a tradgedy.  i myself have donated as much as i could afford, but i feel like i should do more.  so i have put together a "marelle mega-pack" of handmade items from my "marelle" store to auction off to the highest bidder!

the "marelle mega-pack" is valued at well over $100, so i want to see a mega bidding war!! ...the winning bid will be donated 50/50 to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal and the RSPCA flood appeal

here's what you get:
* marelle cushion cover (with bonus cushion insert!)
* little bird decorative pillow
* octopus softie
* two mixed media gift cards (octopus card + valentines/heart card)
* two screen printed gift cards (lovebirds + feather)
* limited edition screenprinted "Moleskine" cahier notebook (blank pages)
* little bird magnet
**plus free postage of your "marelle mega-pack" !!!!**
***please note that colours on your screen may differ from actual colours of items***

here's how it works:
- bidding starts at $25
- click the text in the black box below
- choose 'anonymous' from the drop-down menu as your profile
  (unless you have one of the other profiles)
- type your $$ bid + your name + email in the comments box
- the auction ends at 9pm monday 24th jan
- winner pays money directly to Premier's Flood Relief Appeal + RSPCA flood appeal
- proof of payment must be shown before i post the "marelle mega pack"- the auction is open to everyone.....TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!
   ...and may the most generous person win! ;)

thank you and good luck!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

etsy front page feature!

wow! "benito de soto" pirate octopus was featured on the front page of etsy yesterday!
my FIRST time on the front page of etsy...but i missed it :( haha! oh well!

Friday, September 25, 2009

captured on my 'holga' camera

today i found some long lost photo negatives tucked away in an old shoebox which was stuffed full of odds 'n ends & forgotten about in the back of a cupboard!!

so after dragging them out, i scanned them in and did some (amatuer!) photo editing (they're shots i took of my old dog 'stella', i think i took these in about 2004/5 - so not that long ago really) ...because holga cameras produce lots of irregularites, i had to adjust the lightness, contrast & colour ...blah blah...i could go on, but it would probably bore you!

i just wanted to share them, so here they are!
...anyway i'm so happy that i found these negatives! ....i still really miss her! ...she was funny and smart!
oh well... at least i have the photos... and the memories!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

oh, it's just a little bit of dust, that's all!
yeah! only about FIVE MILLION TONNES!! haha! can you believe it???

it was truly amazing... as the dust storm rolled in yesterday, there was a really eerie orange glow & it was really windy - it was a bit unsettling i thought. this is a photo out the back of my place... i'd love to see your photos, if you were lucky enough to be smothered as well!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

oh, and you could WIN it!
an octopus softie...

i totally forgot to mention that you could WIN my octopus softie that was donated from my 'marelle' store to 'madeit' for the Sydney Stitches & Craft show!! yep, you could win it....alls you gotta do is sign up for the 'madeit' eNewsletter..easy! ... they'll be giving away two items each week (starting this week).
so don't miss out...sign up here & you might win this: