Friday, September 25, 2009

captured on my 'holga' camera

today i found some long lost photo negatives tucked away in an old shoebox which was stuffed full of odds 'n ends & forgotten about in the back of a cupboard!!

so after dragging them out, i scanned them in and did some (amatuer!) photo editing (they're shots i took of my old dog 'stella', i think i took these in about 2004/5 - so not that long ago really) ...because holga cameras produce lots of irregularites, i had to adjust the lightness, contrast & colour ...blah blah...i could go on, but it would probably bore you!

i just wanted to share them, so here they are!
...anyway i'm so happy that i found these negatives! ....i still really miss her! ...she was funny and smart!
oh well... at least i have the photos... and the memories!


  1. Great photos, how lovely to have found old negatives.

  2. My scanner can do negatives too, but I know if I take them out I will have to set aside several days to indulge the nostalgia!


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