Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BIG thanks to Bec of 'Madeit.com.au'

the lovely Bec of 'Madeit.com.au' showcased a selection of sellers of madeit.com.au at the recent Sydney Stitches & Craft Show ...and i was lucky enough to have one of my "marelle" pieces featured on her stall..here are some photos of the display (mine is the black patterned octopus on the table!):
♥ thanks Bec!


  1. your comment has made my day!! thank you!!
    and well done on the made it feature!! he (I am going to assume male!!) looks so cute there!!

    Renee xx

  2. you're welcome!

    ...it's a lady actually, haha! ...you can't see in the pic, but she has pink felt eyeshadow & long eyelashes!

    ...or maybe it could be a drag queen?! haha!


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